Alexis Sharkey body was initially mistaken for a possible mannequin

Instagram & TIKTOK star’s dead body was found by a passing sanitation worker at the end of November in her Houston, Texas neighborhood. Alexis, who was found completely nude, had been missing for more than two days after she’d apparently left her home following a post-Thanksgiving argument with her husband Tom. Her body was found just three miles from her apartment.

was initially mistaken for a possible mannequin.

John Richardson, a city sanitation department worker who discovered the body on Nov. 28, said he had received a call from a colleague who had driven past the location in his garbage truck.

‘He said he thought he’d seen a body or a mannequin. He wasn’t too sure,’ Richardson said to KHOU. 

Police say it will ‘only be a matter of time’ before someone is arrested in the death of Alexis Sharkey

Alexis’ mother, Stacey Robinault, believes that someone killed her daughter, and that she could never commit suicide. She believes that there was trouble in paradise, and that Alexis had submitted divorce papers, according to E! Online .

Alexis was married to 49-year-old Tom Sharkey. They met two years ago in Odessa, Texas when the former worked at the Twin Peaks restaurant and Tom was a regular, eventually became a couple.

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