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Alinity (Picture: Instagram/@alinitydivine)


  • Natalia Mogollon better known online as Alinity
  • Birthdate: January 10, 1988 (1988-01-10)
  • Place of birth Cali, Colombia
  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Online Media

Personal life

Alinity is originally from Cali, Colombia, and immigrated to Canada after marriage. According to reports, she worked as a nurse for over four years while holding a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, before taking the leap and streaming full time.


Alinity has been the focus of continuing Controversy on twitch and on Youtube, primarily for her actions while streaming on Twitch. One of the first Controversy incidents was the infamous cat Throwing while streaming followed by Copyright-Striking PewDiePie for calling her a thot, the infamous Nip Slip followed soon after. most recently she has caused controversy for creating an onlyfans that has disappointed purchasers.


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