Anti China Youtuber SerpentZa declines a debate with Daniel Dumbrill

Perhaps SerpentZa is ill-equipped for a proper debate of the minds.

It looks as though Daniel Dumbrill over estimated SerpentZa, believing the Youtuber SerpentZa would be willing to have an unscripted adult conversation.

SerpentZa quickly resorted to the usual name-calling and posted a picture of a homeless person in china instead. We can’t say we are surprised SerpentZa lacks the ability to debate what he spews freely online.

For SerpentZa, Having a live debate would be different from the selective editing he routinely showcases on his youtube channel.

Today, people have a right to defend their ideas via discussion or debate. Perhaps someone challenging SerpentZa about his anti-China views is too much for the YouTuber. Or it could be much more simple than that… He is profiting from his anti china views and doesn’t want to ruin a good thing if he’s exposed during a live debate.

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