AOC talking GameStop / Tyler1’s Talks market Bubble GME (GameStop)

Tyler1’s Talks market GME (GameStop)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitch tonight to live-stream her thoughts on the GameStop stock-trading drama. 300,000 people watched on the stream at its peak, The AOC stream was plagued by technical issues in the start.

In case you don’t know what’s happening with Gamestop stock. a user @ Reddit said it best

The hedge funds did something called shorting stock, where they HAVE to buy back and sell the stock at some point. They did this because they thought GameStop would crash (i.e. they buy at $20, sell it, buy back at $2, and make $18 profit/share.) But the inverse happened – they bought at $20, sold it, and now have to buy back when its at $340 or higher. There is no expiration date for this contract – the hedge funds will get banned from Wall Street if they try to back out. Redditors and regular people keep buying the stock and holding it away from the hedge funds, making the hedge funds more desperate to buy and escape their fucked up contract at any cost, driving the price up more and more.

Its expected to get to insane levels, like $1000/share by next Wednesday. – reddit user CathedralPork

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