Canada court investigating YouTuber Cyrus Janssen’s “Meng Wan Zhou” Trial video?

According to Ian Young in Vancouver, YouTuber and influencer Cyrus Janssen is under investigation for “illicit footage.” the video in question is posted above.

At first glance, you’d have to wonder why Ian Young chose to label American Youtuber Cyrus Janssen pro-China, other than if he was trying to discredit him. But after reading the Ian Young article, by Ian Youn’s logic, if a China publication or person pics up your news story or event and uses it on its platform, that will automatically make you pro-China. In fact, if you write anything positive about China, That would automatically make you Pro China.

It seems as if people like “Ian Young” are afraid of independent journalism and are turning into gatekeepers in order to protect the status quo. On a side note, yet importantly we can see why-journalism-sucks both in America and in Canada.

Not all readers from SCMP are buying Ian Young’s misrepresentation of Citizen Journalist Cyrus Janssen.

According to Policies and Standards: from SCMP

Editorial Code of Conduct for South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post believes:

Journalists uphold the principle of truth and fairness.
– Freedom of speech is a basic human right.
– Freedom of the press is an integral part of freedom of speech.
– Journalists should strive to uphold freedom of the press, and take public interest as the basis of their work.
– Journalists are transparent in all they do.
– Owners, executives and senior editors of the SCMP have the responsibility to encourage and require editorial staff to adhere to these principles.

How is Labeling someone Pro-China in order to discredit them ok?

If you watch Cyrus Janssen Youtube videos, you’ll notice he gives you a perspective on life in China, minus the typical china bashing most western Youtubers are known for. for some established journalists, that is too much to bear, and so they resort to name-calling in order to discredit a vocal individual.

South China Morning Post Code of Ethics – General Guidelines

Journalists should seek truth, fairness, objectivity, impartiality and comprehensiveness. They must ensure accuracy, fairness and balance at all times. They will not quote out of context or distort facts.

Ensure balance in all stories by giving individuals, groups, or organisations, the right of reply.

We’ll wait and see if Cyrus Janssen is given a chance to Rebuttal the hit piece from Ian Young.

  • /todayilearned If you don’t criticise china to the media;s liking you’ll be labeled as “pro China”.

Not surprisingly, gatekeepers like Ian Young are the very reason many new Citizen journalists have begun their careers on YouTube, especially after witnessing misrepresentation firsthand from the Establishment Media.

Ian Young has been getting pushback from users on Twitter. But even more hilarious is the fact that Cyrus Janssen said he would talk more about it on YouTube and said happy Halloween, Ian Young chose to question it, as if it was a veiled threat. It’s hard to say if that was his way of trying to silence Cyrus Janssen.

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