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    YouTube YouTuber Ethan Klein says he's temporarily banned from posting after one video was marked 'too dangerous to watch'

    Klein's main channel, h3h3Productions, rose to fame with comedy videos about internet culture and trends, amassing 6.3 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views.
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    YouTube YouTuber Ethan Klein says he's temporarily banned from posting after one video was marked 'too dangerous to watch'

    YouTuber Ethan Klein says he's temporarily banned from posting after one video was marked 'too dangerous to watch' Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions tweeted that he's blocked from posting videos for a week. He said a video from over a year ago received a strike for being "too dangerous to watch."...
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    YouTube MrBeast Wants To Be In A Hollywood Movie Alongside Ryan Reynolds

    YouTube sensation MrBeast has a wish! It is to appear in a Hollywood movie alongside the legendary actor Ryan Reynolds, more particularly in Free Guy 2. MrBeast is one of the most followed influencers on planet earth. he has over 100 million subscribers on YouTube with all his channels...
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    YouTube Popular Youtuber BarryTube is moving forward with plans to sue Netflix over what he calls a stolen character

    Country November 15, 2021 – Prominent Youtuber BarryTube is leveling charges against streaming giant Netflix, claiming they stole and impersonated the Squid Games character ‘Front Man’ from him. The highly successful YouTuber shares his entertaining comedic content to his over 7 million global...
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    YouTube ‘farts in a jar’, 97 jars sold in 2 days

    Stephanie Matto alias Stepanka Matto is a Czech-American YouTuber, model, and founder of a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) platform Unfiltrd. Recently, she announced her fans could buy her farts “in a jar” for “just $1000” a pop on her Instagram account. As per her post, she decided to sell the farts...
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    YouTube American ‘Prison YouTuber’ says she had legs shackled to bed while giving birth

    A woman who shot to internet fame after sharing her candid experiences behind bars revealed how she had her legs shackled to a bed while giving birth in prison. Jessica Kent, the YouTuber in question, spoke about her prison experiences in a recent episode of the Allison Interviews podcast...
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    YouTube Far-Right YouTuber Tim Pool Is the Latest Ivermectin Poster Boy

    One-man YouTube brand and far-right darling Tim Pool came down with a nasty case of COVID-19, along with many members of his staff, after hosting a maskless comedy night with far-right performers. This, however, did not make him a vaccine convert. Instead, with the help of podcaster Joe Rogan...
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    YouTube YouTube Expands Comment Guidelines and Copyright Detection

    First off on Channel Guidelines - back in July, YouTube launched an initial test of its Channel Guidelines filtering tool, which enables Channel managers to set rules around the types of comments people can post beneath their clips. That test is now being expanded to more creators in the app...
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    YouTube YouTube co-founder predicts ‘decline’ of the platform following removal of dislikes

    Jawed Karim, the third co-founder of YouTube, has condemned the platform’s removal of public dislike counts on videos, suggesting that the change will lead to YouTube’s decline. “Why would YouTube make this universally disliked change? There is a reason, but it’s not a good one, and not one...
  10. Dating Advice from Navy SEALs Jocko Willink

    Dating Advice from Navy SEALs Jocko Willink

    Jocko Underground
  11. Bikini Fashion Show with Priscilla Ricart and Sierra Skye

    Bikini Fashion Show with Priscilla Ricart and Sierra Skye

    OH POLLY PRESENTS NEENA SWIM 4K. 2021 fashion runway show from Miami Beach. A new bathing suit and bikini collection modeled by the top models like Priscilla...


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    Twitch Twitch ‘do not ban’ list leaked

    Posted in Asmongold’s subreddit on October 7, the list shows streamers like DJWheat, Ricegum, and lolTyler1. Alongside each person on the list, it says: “reason,” with a reason specific to each creator.
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    Twitch Valkyrae: Twitch Streamers Should Move To YouTube

    Valkyrae Says Twitch Streamers Should Move To YouTube Following Recent Hack Valkyrae made the open invitation in during a recent stream where she looked at, a site that listed Twitch's top earners according to the recent data breach (and has since been taken down). To...
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    YouTube Blippi is the 8th highest-earning YouTuber, worth $20 million

    Blippi is the ultimate go-to for preschooler entertainment. This YouTuber has become a global kids' phenomenon. Here's why. Since launching his first YouTube video in 2014, this kids’ entertainer has become one of the biggest drawcards on the internet. That is, if you’re young and you want to...
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    YouTube Nelk Boys’ SteveWillDoIt wipes gambling channel after accusations from Coffeezilla

    YouTuber and Nelk Boys member SteveWillDoIt appears to have removed all videos from his gambling channel following accusations from fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla.
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    YouTube YouTuber ‘LaurDIY’ talks HBO’s ‘Craftopia’ and favorite items to shop

    Lauren Riihimaki, the influencer behind the YouTube Channel ‘LaurDIY, has been dishing out do-it-yourself content for eight years. Now, after posting several DIY Halloween costume videos, and amassing more than 8.6 million subscribers, she is returning to host HBO Max’s “Craftopia” for its...