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    YouTube T-Mobile will switch to YouTube TV and end its own live TV Streaming services T-Mobile customers will get a $10/month discount on YouTube TV, bringing the price down to $54.99/month, as well as a month of free service. The Bellevue, Wash.-based wireless...
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    TikTok World Famous Chipmunks of TikTok

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    YouTube Mexican YouTuber in China

    How China changed the way I see my own country: Mexico
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    YouTube Foreign policy Youtuber and Podcaster Daniel Dumbrill

    Youtuber and Podcaster Daniel Dumbrill is pushing back against propaganda from the U.S
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    YouTube Expat Youtuber Nathan Rich Gives a Health Update
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    YouTube Ryan Knight: Capitalism's Canceled, Ditch the Dems

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    TikTok Teen TikToker allegedly murdered disabled sister day after going viral

    A 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl who allegedly stabbed her disabled sister to death posted a now-viral Tiktok video before the murder — and her account has since been shut down, according to police and reports...
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    Twitch Twitch streamer banned after ‘queef’ video goes viral

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    YouTube Joe Jitsukawa - Will My Long Distance Relationship Work?

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    YouTube YouTuber Jake Paul 'embarrassed' in boxing standoff

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    YouTube How Anti China Propaganda Works
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    YouTube YouTube star David Dobrik dropped by 13 brands including HelloFresh, EA Sports, and Honey 13 brands have stopped working with YouTube star David Dobrik Some brands that have worked with the YouTube star David Dobrik are cutting ties in the wake of an Insider investigation into a...
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    YouTube Pro-gun YouTuber arrested in Brevard County for wiretapping

    Man illegally recorded conversation with Parks and Recreation operations manager, officers say BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – A YouTube creator known for posting pro-gun videos faces charges in Brevard County after police say he illegally recorded a phone conversation with the county parks and...
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    YouTube YouTuber David Dobrik apologizes for rape scandal YouTube apology videos may have evolved to be less teary, but sitting on the floor is a constant. David Dobrik employed the tactic in a recent video addressing allegations of sexual misconduct. “I didn’t...
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    Gaming Steam is getting 8K streaming - but why? Gaming for the 1% It's unlikely that this latest feature from Steam will be utilized by many considering the lavish hardware you'd need. Any gaming PC capable of running games at 8K would need to be equipped with pricey...
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    Twitch female Twitchers need to amass followers for protection.

    Female Streamers Are Having a Shitty Time On Twitch "Raiding” is when a Twitcher directs their users to another person’s channel, usually to introduce their audience to someone they like. It can be a great way for famous streamers to spotlight lesser-known creators, but it can also be the...
  17. Twitch Car Crash

    Twitch Car Crash

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    Twitch Streamer crashes car while reading Twitch chat behind the wheel

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    YouTube David Dobrik has also lost approximately 100,000 subscribers after rape allegations

    David Dobrik has also lost approximately 100,000 subscribers, down from 18.9 million Tuesday to 18.8 million subscribers Wednesday, according to Social Blade statistics accessed Saturday. Social Blade only updates YouTube subscriber data per every 100,000 subscribers gained or lost.