Sunday, September 25, 2022

YouTube star David Dobrik is getting his own TV series

YouTube star David Dobrik is getting his own TV series just months after his former collaborator Durte Dom was accused of...

David Dobrik Loses 400K Youtube Subs Amid Rape Controversy

The always smiling David Dobrik is facing a barrage of bad news and cancellations from subs and sponsors that don't want to...

The Rape Allegation Against A Former David Dobrik Vlog Squad Member​

Dollar Shave Club has ended its partnership with YouTube star David Dobrik after a rape allegation against a former Vlog Squad member​

David Dobrik is Back on YouTube to show off his new house

Don't mind the breadlines in Florida or California. David Dobrik out letting everyone know he's doing just fine, regardless of the...

YouTuber David Dobrik stealing TikTok’s artist’s ideas?

Technically, there is nothing illegal about Dobrik and his team using the name Karim came up with "DISPO" without crediting or compensation...

Media Gate Keepers at CNN want to ban YouTube News

0 The Jimmy Dore Show Just posted a video where the folks at CNN sound like they...

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