Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Daniel Dumbrill & Bay Area 415 had a conversation regarding the Uyghur situation. YouTuber nicknamed Fat and Broke found himself in Vietnam during the Coronavirus pandemic. His first thought was to exploit shop store merchants because, as he said, there are no tourists so... In Bay Area415 own words: China gets an incredibly unfair shake when it comes to their foreign policy, especially in Africa and other developing nations, while ignoring the clearly imperialist actions... In Their Own Words / Keybros: We analyze the phenomenon and potential risk of democrazy in Hong Kong, compare different countries' national security laws, and also highlight the U.S. and western... Dobongsan located in Bukhansan national park is often passed over as a result of the much more famous bigger brother Bukhansan which is located within the same national park, but Dobongsan... Youtuber & Expat Vlogger Ethan Moon from Live travel Asia moved to Korea after living in Thailand for quite some time. IRL Streamer Cheap Charlie Chronicles takes you with him while he travels through South Mexico, On the lookout for deals, and finding a place for retirement.
I guess that's one way of celebrating 10k subs. YouTuber Jerry from THIS IS CHINA celebrated his subscriber milestone by quitting smoking. Youtuber in China gives an interesting perspective on life in China.
Anti China sentiment in the U.S has been on the rise after CoronaVirus and the 24-7 attacks from trump. Some folks have even blamed China for the forest fires in the United Staes. Le's hope we...
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