Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why 99% of America Fails to Understand China

Americans, for the most part, have never been found guilty of being open to different cultures, so it's...

Cyrus Janssen & Daniel Dumbrill had a live Chat on Youtube!

Two of China's top youtubers are together live on youtube for the first time. Both Cyrus Janssen &...

Why YouTuber Cyrus Janssen Left China After 10 Years

YouTuber Cyrus often gets asked why he left China? This is one of the most common questions...

Canada court investigating YouTuber Cyrus Janssen’s “Meng Wan Zhou” Trial video?

0 According to Ian Young in Vancouver, YouTuber and influencer Cyrus Janssen is under investigation for "illicit footage."...

The Future of China: Lee Barrett & Cyrus Janssen

0 The Live Q&A Session surrounding the post-Covid-19 world in China and the World. Each YouTuber brings...

Cyrus Janssen: The Real Reason Western Media Lies About China

YouTuber Cyrus Janssen breaks down the western media portrayal of China to its western audiences. Basically, western agenda-setting news gets exposed.

Cyrus Janssen Hits 50K Subscribers


Anti China Hysteria Has Hit Peak Levels

Anti China sentiment in the U.S has been on the rise after CoronaVirus and the 24-7 attacks from trump. Some folks have...

The Moderate Rebels Podcast

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Aaron Maté about the new cold war on China and Russia and the US government-backed campaign to silence anti-war voices. We discuss the growing censorship of independent outlets on social media and the defamatory corporate media smears of our factual reporting.