Tuesday, May 17, 2022

YouTuber Exposed BBC News as a Propaganda arm of the Government

YouTuber Daniel Dumbrill has exposed the BBC hit job against Youtubers, the YouTubers were attacked by the BBC...
The Uighurs in China

Conversation with a Chinese Concentration Camp Survivor

Daniel Dumbrill had a Conversation with a Chinese Muslim Uighur in the now-viral Concentration Camps, The camps were made famous by the...

Of Course China! PodCast featuring Daniel Dumbrill

Entrepreneur and PodCaster Daniel Dumbrill was a featured guest on the new Youtube Podcast "Of Course China". Daniel Dumbrill has made a...

Anti China Youtuber SerpentZa declines a debate with Daniel Dumbrill

Perhaps SerpentZa is ill-equipped for a proper debate of the minds. It looks as though Daniel Dumbrill over estimated...

Daniel Dumbrill calls out the tone-deaf Youtubers Serpentza & Laowhy86

Youtubers Serpentza & Laowhy86 mostly cater to the xenophobic anglo & anti china viewer, thus most of their videos are custom-tailored with...

Cyrus Janssen & Daniel Dumbrill had a live Chat on Youtube!

Two of China's top youtubers are together live on youtube for the first time. Both Cyrus Janssen &...

Daniel Dumbrill is getting Censored on Twitter / Account restricted

The thought police strike again, This time it's Youtuber Daniel Dumbrill that's on the receiving end of the stick from the western...

Daniel Dumbrill & Bay Area 415 Talk about the Uyghur situation

Daniel Dumbrill & Bay Area 415 had a conversation regarding the Uyghur situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjgQt53akBU

Daniel Dumbrill visits the World’s Highest Craft Beer Brewery – Lhasa Tibet

Daniel Dumbrill found himself in a very unique Brewery in Lhasa Tibet, Tibet Aku Pema Brewing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYCyhUyGuMw I visit the world's highest craft beer brewery...

Daniel Dumbrill talks about anti-China propaganda

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXD91tmJ0g4 YouTubers traveling around China are getting a lot of flak from Americans for showing China's positive achievements. Let that sink it. The current social...

Kyle Kulinski Omits Ana Kasparian’s Blackmail Of Jimmy Dore

Kyle Kulinski let his own personal bias get in the way of facts and Jimmy Dore wasn't having any of it.