Thursday, June 30, 2022

Youtuber Helps Husband Win Mexican State Governorship Race

Mexican YouTuber Mariana Rodríguez, with just 45.7K subscribers, helped get her husband elected in a heavily contested Governorship race of Nuevo...

Anonymous takes aim at notorious expat David Bond

For many, David Bond has been looked at as a typical western ex-pat taking advantage of local women in Asia, some even...

Youtuber Alex ‘Sir Kipsta’ Dragomir Has Died

Youtuber Alex 'Sir Kipsta' Dragomir Has Died After undergoing a Heart Procedure.

Greatspacestv Travels to OAXACA MEXICO

Located in Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido is a small hippie town with...

Why 99% of America Fails to Understand China

Americans, for the most part, have never been found guilty of being open to different cultures, so it's...
en china

Mexicanos en China Enter a Chinese Grocery Store

Mexicanos en China is already at over 20k subs, just by enjoy life in china and showcasing everday...

Are Serpentza and laowhy86 Racist or Just Bigoted?

The Question of Serpentza and laowhy86 being racist is one that continues to be asked online; even after countless incidents have already...

CharlyCheer Talks About People Who Are Openly Racist

CharlyCheer is a Life & Travel Video Blogger, YouTuber and currently documenting her RV life. She always...
The Uighurs in China

Conversation with a Chinese Concentration Camp Survivor

Daniel Dumbrill had a Conversation with a Chinese Muslim Uighur in the now-viral Concentration Camps, The camps were made famous by the...

Bay Area415 EXPLAINS How The Chinese Government Works

0 YouTuber Bay Area415 explains how the Chinese Government Works. Youtuber Bay...

The Moderate Rebels Podcast