PrimeInChina Exposed?

YouTuber Cory Selby from PrimeInChina has found himself under the microscope after shocking allegations of animal abuse.

In this video, Gweilo 60 exposes prime in china and gives him his 15min of fame. According to Gweilo 60, police reports show Cory Selby was living with two dead dogs that were full of maggots. The smell emanating from the house was so bad, even the next-door neighbors could smell the foul odor. The neighbors would eventually be the ones to call on the police to investigate the Cory Selby house.

Cory Selby, aka PrimeInChina, is also a big fan of other China Bashing YouTubers such as “SerpentZa” that have gained massive followers from the west by posting daily negative views of china and monetizing the channel to help financially support their families.

According to other Twitter users, SerpentZa and Cory Selby, aka PrimeInChina, are friends and like to uplift each other by complementing each other’s China-bashing Twitter posts and YouTube videos.

This is not the first time Cory Selby aka PrimeInChina has been Exposed. Back in Jun 1 2020 Daniel Dumbrill posted a video where Cory Selby was talking trash about Chinese people, calling them “dirty” and “ignorant”.

Video of Cory Selby aka PrimeInChina calling old people “dirty”and “ignorant”.

According to police reports from Gweilo 60, The dogs died of malnutrition and were so badly decomposed it was hard to tell what type of dog it was.

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