Cyrus Janssen

Cyrus Janssen

Who is Cyrus Janssen?

Cyrus Janssen is an American Expat that has lived in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Vancouver over the past 13 years. He is passionate about showing his insight into China and loves sharing his views to the world.

Controversy: As Cyrus Janssen’s YouTube career started to take off, he faced character assassination of sorts from Ian Young, a journalist at the SCMP. The Journalist chose to characterize Cyrus as a Pro-China YouTuber instead of just a YouTuber or a content creator. Why would Ian Young choose to label Cyrus Pro-China?, in order to cast doubt and suspicion about his credibility as a YouTuber? That may have been Ian Young’s goal. We don’t know. What we do know is Ian Young admitted he was the person who reported the incident to Canadian authorities, Thus manufacturing his own Exclusive News story that created the controversy. Cyrus Janssen later made a Youtube Video about the incident.

What did Cyrus Janssen do for work in China?

He Worked as a golf instructor when he first moved to China. Cyrus is currently an International Ambassador for @PGA.

Cyrus Janssen PGA

Cyrus Janssen YouTube Channel is quickly becoming one of the go to channels for politics on China.

Cyrus Janssen YouTube Channel has been growing massively recently , with a user count at 65k

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