The Dan Bilzerian Exposed as a Fraud? Video

According to Dan Bilzerian Is A Renter, And Someone Else Pays His Credit Card Bills

Paying Dan Bilzerian’s $2.4 million annual rent, and paying for everything else Dan Bilzerian does, would be one explanation for how Ignite managed to lose a reported $50 million last year, as first reported.

DanBilzerian trying to defend his honor on the socials.

  • DanBilzerian has taken to twitter to defend his unprofitable company on the verge of bankruptcy.

Damaging details of embezzlement?

According to Forbes, the accountants flagged $843,014.06 in company expenses that appeared to be “personal in nature.” These included payments for charges racked up on one of Dan Bilzerian’s credit cards: a half-million-dollar yacht rental; a six-figure, two-night trip to London; a $65,000 “Four Elements Guns & Star Wars Set”; a $50,000 bed fame, a $75,000 paint-ball field, an $88,000 vault, “to name a few.”

The company also paid $26,000 to boost Bilzerian’s Instagram followers and paid for the travel expenses of the rotating cast of models that permanently accompany Bilzerian wherever he goes, the suit claims. –

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My self indulgence knows no bounds

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The lawsuit was filed by the former president of Bilzerian’s CBD company Ignite International, Ltd, Curtis Heffernan. The suit alleges that Bilzerian funded his lifestyle with company funds and fired Heffernan for refusing to approve his expense report.

Reddit has jut now picked up the story about the misgivings of this trust fund man child.  

So Dan Bilzerian just faked everything for 10 years? Why was he exposed only now? from r/Instagram

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