Daniel Dumbrill calls out the tone-deaf Youtubers Serpentza & Laowhy86

Youtubers Serpentza & Laowhy86 mostly cater to the xenophobic anglo & anti china viewer, thus most of their videos are custom-tailored with one-sided viewpoints about china. On occasions, other YouTubers call their tone-deaf shenanigans out, this gem was brought to you by Daniel Dumbrill.

  • 2 YouTubers drive around in Beverly Hills to praise how great it is to be rich in America, especially compared to the rich in China who still park their cars beside poor people’s cars. – Daniel Dumbrill

Their obsession with china might be causing them to no longer have a firm grasp of real-life. The loss of credibility is something they stopped caring for after they realized their subscribers would support them regardless of facts, the same way Trump’s cult-like followers do.

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