Daniel Dumbrill

Daniel Dumbrill is a expat in China

Daniel Dumbrill is a Canadian Expat living in China. In China, he runs a Microbrewery. In his free time, he likes to vlog or podcast about Politics and everyday life in China.


Daniel Dumbrill was born in England and grew up in Canada. His father is British and his mother is from South America. often times he gets asked if he’s Indian, and he’s keen to take it as a complement and has to remind his viewer “subscribers” that he is British and South American.

Career and business ventures

Daniel Dumbrill previously worked for Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest companies. According to Forbes magazine, he established one of China’s top five craft beer brands in China.

In His own Words

I have a lot of respect for Mark on other topics, but when even the smartest guys in America talk about learning history in this context, they're not talking about learning how America funds violent uprisings and terrorists to destroy anything that even smells like socialism.

Mark Moss@1MarkMoss

@APompliano If these rich kids had been taught actual history from even just the last 100yrs, they would know Socialism has failed 100% of the time and its led to over 100m deaths, and always will 100% of the time

@Mcoughlan4 @hang_sean @MgSaw18 @FromCNwithloves @missioncritica @PridemoreDerek @Humphre12986645 @LeeZhongmin @doge_in_steppe @Xanavi22 @so_so_germane @BenjaminNorton @UyghurCongress And yet here you are, eating up a narrative w/ overwhelming amounts of funding from the US government again w/o even a sign of critical thought. It's folks like you who allow continuing US aggressions and killings of millions of people around the world while pretending to care.

@ManveenRana @finger8 @zurich_of @theywoodwright @chloehadj @johnsweeneyroar @VanessaBeeley Dear Ms Rana, I challenge you to read, analyse and find flaws in this, our most recent, briefing on the Douma/OPCW issue:- https://syriapropagandamedia.org/update-on-the-opcws-investigation-of-the-douma-incident

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