China Youtuber Dianxi Xiaoge – Makes some Delicacies Tibetan Dishes

Speaking of Tibetan dishes, how can we forget yak meat, butter tea and tsampas? After saying goodbye to Lu, we went to the Jidi Village Pasture of Shangri-La. Besides yaks and goats, this place is also famous for its fragrance tsampa and delicious butter tea.
Between March to September, the elders usually herd the cattle in the pasture. They will collect milk and make butter daily. It’s my first time seeing how the butter is made. I also had a try at the freshest butter tea. I bought a butter cake and some yak before leaving. The old man also gave me some hulless barley powder as a gift. I made some real Tibetan dishes at home. Besides butter tea and tsampa, I also made a Tibetan yak hot pot and some dried yak meat. It’s very delicious.

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