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EXPAT English Teacher in Vietnam


Have you ever thought about teaching english in Southeast Asia or in China? This is a great video to check out. The Psychology Of A Gatekeeper 🇻🇳 Saigon ESL 🇻🇳

Travel Vlogger and English Teacher living in Vietnam aka the White Monkey Syndicate.

In his own words: Just another asshole with an opinion! Hey guys I am a New Yorker who has lived a very strange life I spent a lot of years bouncing around the USA living city to city and eventually started bouncing around the world. My advice and ideas are not sugar-coated because I believe nothing in life is black and white. Me and my wife generally don’t just backpack around a place we tend to rent apartments and really get into how the people live. We don’t give a fuck about material things and just want to fill our life with interesting people and culture. Our goal is to try and understand the human condition. Hopefully, some of our experiences can be helpful to others! Much love and respect!

The New York Nomad 420 provides work contacts in order for you to transition into teaching English in Vietnam or in China. He also gives you coronavirus updates in Vietnam and Travel visa information for Vietnam in his Vlogs.

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