Mexican Youtuber
Mexican Youtuber
  • Real Name: Jonathan Jovan Vest Samano
  • Place of Origin: Mexico
  • YouTube Genre: Podcast & Pranks

GUSGRI or el GUSGRI is a Spanish-speaking YouTuber that originally started his online career doing pranks and eventually creating a podcast with over 3 million subscribers in just one year. The pranks GUSGRI made were mostly centered around crime and fake cartel pranks. A native of Mexico, GUSGRI has traveled worldwide, taking his YouTube subs on his many entertaining escapades.

GUSGRI Meets China

GUSGRI is considered a jokester but also has a serious side when talking about real-life events. When not filming Podcast & Pranks, GUSGRI hosts live streams with fans, so they can ask him questions or participate in current conversations.

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