Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr

  • Real Name: Jorstad Jens Fredrika
  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • Youtube Genere: Travel Vlogger

Harald Baldr as he likes to describe himself is a proud Viking, and as such, he likes to do as the Vikings do, Travel. As a typical western ex-pat, Most of his early career as a YouTuber was spent pursuing his dream in Asia, drinking and picking up thai women at bars. soon after being heartbroken by women at a bar, Baldr set out to discover other countries. India is one of them. in India, he amassed large amounts of subs, mostly from India subscribers, after filming himself giving away money to locals living in the slums and getting cheap haircuts in the streets of Ahmedabad.


Harald Baldr has been criticized online for shaming people from Asia “that allow themselves to be filmed”, saying in Europe, people have more class because they don’t allow themselves to be filmed.

Sexpat Controversy

During his early days of traveling to Asia, Baldr has been called a sexpat because he focused entirely on Thailand’s Phuket, and other countries or places with lax prostitution laws or that tolerate prostitution. In pickup artist forums and blogs that have now been deleted, he supposedly went on about not paying for sexual services like the rest of the western losers.

Seeking redemption

Most of his new youtube work is focused on travel, but, now he makes it a point to give back to the poor locals even if it’s only done in front of a camera. He has been quoted as saying he “likes to donate to those that are self-employed or “self-made”.

Conservative Political leaning

Harald Baldr doesn’t hide the fact he’s a conservative-leaning YouTuber. even though his entire career was made because he traveled to third-world countries. Still, Harald Baldr doesn’t apologize for his Tump support or his anger with middle eastern immigrants in his country.