Sunday, September 25, 2022
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YouTuber laowhy86 lied about narrowly escaping China in 2018?

Information points to a YouTuber deliberately misleading his viewers in order to cast himself as a survivor of Chinese oppression. Potentially making...

Another one of SerpentZA friends gets exposed as a racist.

Another one of SerpentZA friends gets exposed as a racist, This time it's ZackP20 or xxxhungari as he is known on Youtube....

Anti China Youtuber SerpentZa declines a debate with Daniel Dumbrill

Perhaps SerpentZa is ill-equipped for a proper debate of the minds. It looks as though Daniel Dumbrill over estimated...

Who are the Anti-China YouTubers?

There are a group of individuals that make an entire Youtube career bashing China and have become financially successful because of it....

Another YouTuber Trying to Make money by Bashing China? Is Sinophobia that profitable?

The Anti China crowd always attracts the most interesting of characters. Today we'll look at a YouTuber trying to ride on the...

The Moderate Rebels Podcast

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Aaron Maté about the new cold war on China and Russia and the US government-backed campaign to silence anti-war voices. We discuss the growing censorship of independent outlets on social media and the defamatory corporate media smears of our factual reporting.