Jimmy Dore

The Jimmy Dore Show
Real NameJames Patrick Anthony Dore
BornJuly 26, 1965 (age 55)
Channel NameThe Jimmy Dore Show
Channel GenrePolitics

In June 2009, he began producing The Jimmy Dore Show, a weekly one-hour comedic look at the news, which originates at KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, airs nationally on the Pacifica Radio Network. It aired online on TYT Network from 2009 to 2019.

In July 2017, Jimmy Dore began hosting his own show on the network called “Aggressive Progressives.”

During a Livestream On April 13, 2019, Dore officially announced his departure from The Young Turks Network, citing a desire to focus on his own show and live performances full time. Eventually, Jimmy Dore would have to purchase the rights to his own show from the TYT network. After Jimmy Dore establishes his youtube channel, he began to show signs of disagreement with TYT, even Calling TYT Frauds.

Jimmy Dore On Twitter

@ryangrim @miserablelib @EmmaVigeland @NomikiKonst @SamSeder This is so sleazy of you, Ryan. Just like the other day, when you knowingly shared a deceptively edited video from that professional scumbag Matt Dimitri.

Whoever made this has a very sharp eye. well done!

How to Win an Argument Without Saying a Word! FT. Jimmy Dore https://youtu.be/kd66h405_5A via @YouTube

The amazing thing is that Operation Mockingbird -- the clandestine CIA plot to shape US media coverage to manipulate Americans -- would now be completely gratuitous, since now they just do it right in the open by placing their operatives in the newsrooms of corporate outlets.

@daviddoel @cenkuygur And re: losing one's mind, if you're actually going to claim that this sexist video -- where Cenk & Ana mock Britney Spears' vagina & boast about publishing photos of it -- is merely a "conversation about a celebrity", then you aren't just a moron but also a pathetic hypocrite.🤡

@ryangrim @miserablelib @EmmaVigeland @NomikiKonst @SamSeder Dude there's no way you can be a legit journalist and not see that TYT is attempting to smear/blackmail Jimmy for exposing them after they initially smeared him. If you want to actually rehabilitate your reputation why don't you stand up for doing the right thing for once.

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