Just because you married an Asian women doesn’t mean your not a racist

Fans of YouTubers like SerpentZA and laowhy86 or the supposed animal abuser PrimeInChina all like to say they can’t be racist because they married Asian women. Even though they have been exposed countless times, for example, Racist On Youtube.

The truth is many racist men have an Asian Fetish, as “The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish” post from By Audrea Lim explains.

The South African-born SerpentZA doesn’t believe in the #stopasianhate movement, rather he believes in the tinfoil hat conspiracy theory that it’s nothing more than a nefarious plot against white America. At first, It looked as if his blame was shifting towards his usual suspect China. SerpentZA has made a livelihood blaming China for pretty much everything, not surprisingly he attracts subscribers that are looking for confirmation bias content and take comfort in videos that push Yellow Peril type garbage.


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