LilyPichu pleads with fans not to attack SleightlyMusical on his return to streaming

Streamers react to SleightlyMusical return to streaming

“Okay, so recently Albert made his return video, and he’s gonna come back to streaming,” she began. “Some people have said my fans give him hate, and I really don’t like that, because I don’t condone that kind of stuff.”

  • Lily and Albert were together for two years before their public cheating scandal and public breakup last November.

Mizkif calls viewers ‘hypocrites’ in response to Albert Chang’s return to streaming after the public cheating scandal.

“People are saying, ‘Why make this video, why do this, why come back, go fuck yourself, you should be held in purgatory, you should never be able to come back on the internet,’” Mizkif said. “Look at Dr Disrespect—that dude came back, the ‘Two Time.’ People love the ‘Two Time’ and you guys are trying to say, ‘Oh Miz, you’re normalizing cheating.’ You fucking retards did that with Dr Disrespect cheating on his wife multiple times. But I can’t say this guy is fine and he deserves a second chance?”

xQc was not having none of it, slams SleightlyMusical’s “weird” YouTube apology.

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