Monday, August 15, 2022


twitch streamers
twitch streamers

Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions.

Top 100 Gross earners on Twitch as per Leak

FIXED version Rank Username UserID GrossEarning 1 CriticalRole 229729353 9626712.16 2 xQcOW 71092938 8454427.17 3 summit1g 26490481 5847541.17 4 Tfue 60056333 5295582.44 5 NICKMERCS 15564828 5096642.12 6 ludwig 40934651...

Slovakia bans twitch over e-gambling concerns

streamers playing poker live is not tolerated in Slovakia, and thus it has banned the live streaming platform Twitch.

Favoritism Towards Female Twitch Streamers Continues

Twitch partner and Instagram model MissBehavin are back on Twitch after a three-day ban due to her flashing during her live stream....

Twitch streamer ‘ImJasmine’ Harassed in Japan while Live streaming

It's not the first time ImJasmine has been the target of harassment while live streaming. During the live IRL...

Twitch stars face Anti-Asian Racism

Anti-Asian racism is not funny; unfortunately, with all the anti-China hate, real...

Twitch sued for having “Sexually Suggestive E-Girls”

Sexual suggestiveness is visual, verbal, written or behavioral material or action with sexual undertones implying sexual intent in order to provoke sexual arousal. The...

Women getting a free pass at Twitch? Yes


Bay Area415 EXPLAINS How The Chinese Government Works

0 YouTuber Bay Area415 explains how the Chinese Government Works. Youtuber Bay...