mark wiens

Mark Wiens

mark wiens
mark wiens
  • Name: Mark Wiens 
  • Born: February 26, 1986  
  • YouTube Genre: Food
  • Nationality: American

Mark Wiens is an American YouTuber and food vlogger currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. His channel is about street food from around the world. Wiens is currently married to a Thai female, which allows him to stay as an ex-pat in Thailand under a marriage visa. Wiens is best known for keeping a smile under any circumstance, some even calling the smile fake. Viewers have taken to online question forums to ask if his smile is, in fact, fake or just an exaggerated one.  Mark Wiens has a degree in Global Studies. Before his Youtube success, he worked full time while he also sold things on eBay.

How Mark Wiens Started his YouTube and ended up in Thailand

After gratulating school, he had a small savings fund and decided to head down to South America. Staying in South America for 6 months until he decided to travel across South Asia for 6 months until having no more money left. Eventually, he decided to teach English in Bangkok, ultimately signing a one-year contract for one year to get his finances back in order. While working in Thailand, he also started to do freelance work and blog, eventually starting his Youtube channel about his food love.

Video camera and gear used

  • LUMIX GX8: This is the main camera
  • LUMIX 12 – 35 mm lens
  • RODE Video Mic Pro
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