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Who is Nathan Rich? Why is he in China? According to his IG account Nathan Rich is a CTO and content creator guy. His YouTube Channel primarily focuses on China’s History and News related to China.

Currently, he has almost 500k subscribers to his YouTube Channel, Making him one of the biggest expat YouTubers living in China. Some of his most popular YouTube videos have been those that have exposed former YouTube ex-pats in China.

Nathan Rich Early in Life.

According to Wikipedia Nathan Rich spent four years at the Mace Kingsley Ranch when he was 8 and 14 years old. At 17, he left home and was later disowned by his family. as an adult, he has been a staunch critic of cults and has made Documetries and YouTube Videos exposing them.

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Global Times = "Chinese state-owned"
Radio Free Asia (US Government) = "some critics"

I could post these all day forever.

Is it any wonder that lazy researchers swallow so much of the US state media's narrative?

Debunking the ridiculous conspiracy theory spread by @ValuetainmentTV and @DiMartinoBooth is trivial.

Getting a lot of people who FEEL very strongly, instead of using facts. Love the enthusiasm; you've encouraged me to do more Taiwan videos! Keep the hate coming and I promise to debunk more of your arguments! Taiwan isn't a country no matter how angry you get 🙂

With so many people out there confused about Taiwan, here's the cold hard truth about it. It's not a country. It's part of China. And there's only one government of China. But that's not how I feel about it; that's just a fact.

China begins testing #6G . Yes, 6G.

I wonder what other new charges we will invent about China. After all, they are doing something right.

Instead of doing something right ourselves, we continuously choose to punish others.


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