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  • Name: Nathan Rich
  • YouTube Genre: Educational
  • Place of Business: China

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Who is Nathan Rich?

According to his IG account, Nathan Rich is a CTO and content creator. His YouTube channel primarily focuses on China’s History and news related to China. As a China-based Youtuber, Nathan Rich brings great insight into everyday life in China.

Nathan Rich has almost 500k subscribers, Making him one of the biggest ex-pat YouTubers living in China. Some of his most popular YouTube videos have been videos that exposed former YouTube ex-pats in China. He has also made some more quality type of educational videos named EPIC CHINA: Series. Currently, Nathan Rich is in the process of moving to shanghai, as he said, to make something real.

Nathan Rich Early in Life.

According to reports Nathan Rich spent four years at the Mace Kingsley Ranch when he was 8 and 14 years old. At 17, he left home and was later disowned by his family. as an adult, he has been a staunch critic of cults and made a documentary and YouTube Videos exposing cults.

Nathan Rich @ twitter

My take on Canadian court denying Meng Wanzhou's evidence proving the US's extradition request was filled with lies. Likely, she will be extradited.

In less than 6 hours, I will DEBUNK the Fort Detrick Conspiracy COVID-19 once and for all. To everyone who thought it was true; it's now debunked.
I will be in the chat to accept your apologies, so be sure to check it out. Link will be posted shortly.

Thanks @YouTube for the recent ❌demonetization. I trust the original BBC video was demonetized as well, since in mine I just literally show theirs and comment on it 🙂

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