Ninja: “Not My Job” to Educate Your Racist and Sexist Kids

Richard Tyler Blevins (born June 5, 1991), known online as Ninja, is an American video game streamer and professional gamer.

Ninja Says It’s “Not My Job” to Educate Racist and Sexist Kids on His Chat while he Streams.

Ninja’s is one of the world’s most popular streamers online with an exclusive contract to stream on Twitch, His chat is often full of user comments that post-racial slurs and other none pc language. Many parents believe it’s the streamer’s job, as a role model, to call out the negative behavior and educate their audience.

“Is it my job to have this conversation with this kid? No, because the first thing that’s going on in my head is, This kid is doing this on purpose to troll me. If someone says a racial slur on someone else’s stream, it can potentially get that streamer banned. It’s awful, but that’s the first thing I think of.”


The reality is parents pass the buck when it comes to raising kids, especially in today’s environment where it takes two working parents to pay a mortgage and raise a family. Do parents expect other people to tell their kids how to properly behave? that is the question here. If they think a role model should be a gamer or an athlete, Shouldn’t parent also be in that equation as well?

In America’s culture, a huge burden is placed on other people ie role models, teachers. and the parents are given a free pass because they are too “busy”

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