Of Course China! PodCast featuring Daniel Dumbrill

Entrepreneur and PodCaster Daniel Dumbrill was a featured guest on the new Youtube Podcast “Of Course China“. Daniel Dumbrill has made a name for himself online as a Youtuber that has pulled no punches and does not toe the western narrative. Choosing to remain objective and unbiased even in the face of hate from Anti China Youtubers that get upset when he contradicts their preconceived notions on foreign policy and the Western approach of China.

0:00​ Show introduction 1:00​ Who is Daniel Dumbrill? 2:20​ Starting from the Hong Kong riots 6:56​ Not for monetizing 8:42​ Dealing with hate online 11:35​ Freedom of discussion in China 16:14​ Debating with others 17:39​ Social media censorships 21:42​ Freedom of speech 23:50​ China’s vulnerability 26:25​ The China “shills” 30:20​ Chinese English media struggles 35:30​ Daniel in Chinese media 39:15​ Western medias don’t listen 42:20​ Western agenda 46:35​ Biden administration and China 48:20​ Daniel’s video-making process 50:20​ Journey to China 58:35​ Witnessing changes 1:04:35​ China on YouTube

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