Paolo fromTOKYO

Paolo from Tokyo

Paolo fromTOKYO
Paolo fromTOKYO
  • Name: Paolo
  • Nationality: Filipino American
  • YouTube Genre: Japan

Before going full-time on youtube Paolo did consulting work and had an app company. Ging full-time on youtube made him excited but nervous, soon after he created a membership for his channel.

When Paolo fromTOKYO first moved to Japan with only 2-3k dollars in his bank, soon after arriving as an exchange student on a visa he got a part time job teaching english. His first professional career was in japan at a I.T firm as an associate eventually becoming a project manager for the firm.

Snowboard Accident

While in his twenties in japan, Paolo would snowboard almost every weekend during the snow season, and it became a big part of his life until his accident. (broke nine ribs, his hip, crushed lung, open heart surgery) after realizing life is so vulnerable, he would eventually change the direction of his life. Ultimately quitting his job and creating an app for teacher-students.

How He first Started a Youtube Channel.

One day while Paolo and his then-girlfriend Maiko Inagaki were both handing out flyers for the app, they started having a conversation about YouTube. Paolo said, why not? Let’s start. They started editing videos with free software on a mac. Paolo professed to his viewers that the channel would never have happened; endless Maiko took a chance on him and helped him pursue his dream.

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