Anti China Youtubers EXPOSED

Anti China Youtubers SerpentZa & Laowhy86 get exposed

Monetizing hate.

From an outsider’s perspective, It looks as though SerpentZa & Laowhy86  have found a certain portion of the U.S population that hates China and have decided to capitalize on the situation.

If you google China on YouTube you’d probably get SerpentZa or Laowhy86 channels as your top choice because the  Youtube algorithm loves Niche Channels, and they are very much China-centric.  If you look further into their channels you’ll also notice almost 90% are anti-China. This has caused many other China YouTubers to push back against the anti-China narrative, this in return has caused anger from SerpentZa & Laowhy86.

It’s not the first time SerpentZa & Laowhy86 have been exposed or that other YouTubers have spoken out against their one-sided narrative.




Laowhy86 is the same vlogger that has made many videos demeaning his wife.


Laowhy86 exposed
Laowhy86 exposed

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