Shadow Banning Youtubers for reporting positive News?

Shadow Banning China Youtubers?

Trump isn’t the only person getting punished online by the corporate giants, Youtubers vlogging from China are having a hard time gaining any new viewers as their channels get pushed into obscurity for showing China in a positive light, even though they have a large subscriber base, One of the things shadowbanned YouTubers have in common is the videos they make, most are upbeat and positive about China.

The YouTubers that have a higher ranking are those trashing China. Take the Anti-China Youtuber SerpentZA. For example, most of his Videos are negative China trash-talking, and his youtube channel is among the first results you find when searching for info on China. If this is done purposely, that would mean the corporate folks want you to have a negative view of China. That seems to fit the anti china narrative if you also watch T.V. recently.

Youtuber Gweilo 60 discusses his experience getting shadow banned by Youtube.

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