Sodapoppin giving female webcam streamers tax advice

According to news reports, American Women have Lost More Than 5 Million Jobs after the pandemic hit, and many unemployed women have turned to Streaming and doing OnlyFans to make ends meet.

Some have made massive amounts of money, With over 200,000 online admirers, Onlyfans model Courtney has managed to rack up quite the sum. She has admitted that she makes a staggering six-figure income: “I make four times the annual income I would make as a teacher,” Courtney told THE NEWYORK POST.

Sodapoppin Decide to help out his fellow streamers with tax advice.

Tax season is here and your time to file might be just around the corner, luckily if you are a female streamer Sodapoppin gots you covered. Sodapoppin was dropping some dimes for his E-girls at twitch.

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