Chance Morris, better known by his online alias Sodapoppin, is an American Twitch streamer and Internet personality. He has one of the largest followings on Twitch, with over 2.7 million followers and over 323 million views.

Sodapoppin has done both IRL Streaming and PC Streaming. Sodapoppin started early in the Live streaming game. He’s mostly famous for his time playing WOW.

Smoked a cigar to be funny and role play on stream. Made the world dizzy and I threw up in car on the way home. Got home passed out for 6 hrs ate a slice of pizza and some water dreamed about developing lung cancer and now I’m rdy to stream all night I guess cause sched is fkd

I had a spider crawl into my pants right before i was gonna put em on last night. This war is getting srs now. Im gonna start putting spider heads on little toothpicks around the house to let em know I’m not fucking around.

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