Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dr. Disrespect is more popular now that he’s on YouTube?

When Dr. Disrespect made his return to streaming back in August through the YouTube streaming live platform, on his first day back...

Asmongold slams Twitch for the new “intrusive” mid-stream ads”

Asmongold: “Hey @TwitchSupport some of my viewers have been getting SPAMMED with ads that I didn’t run and that happen as midrolls and not...

WWE Clamps Down On Twitch streamers

Paige On WWE Taking Away Twitch: 'I Had My Neck Taken Away Twice, You Can't Take My Twitch'. former Divas Champion Paige wasn't happy...

Small Warzone Streamer No More, NeonSniperPanda gets 3 million Twitch followers overnight

Warzone streamer NeonSniperPanda has become the newest content creator to be struck by these boosts, as his channel has rocketed into the top 30...

Why did Tfue quit Fortnite? He explains

0 In the past Tfue would regularly have 100,000 viewers on his Fortnite streams – especially when...

Youtube Streamer gets channel terminated and cops called on him

Alt-Right Youtube Streamer gets channel terminated and cops called on him after harassing employees Multiple times!

Streamer prays to Trump after getting pulled over by Officer

0 Card Another redditor...

Shroud: Twitch streamers should have rallied together to fight DMCA

"If we as streamers took a united front…we actually could have won."

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streaming Among Us on Twitch

"AOC" ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ , she was playing Among Us on Twitch with Ilhan Omar other top streamers.

Valkyrae is the fastest-growing YouTube streamer? Thanks to “IMPOSTOR in AMONG us”?

IMPOSTOR in AMONG us STREAM Valkyrae was playing with sykkuno, corpsehusband,...