Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pokimane now has 8 Million followers.

Pokimane was listed in the top 5 most-watched female streamers for the second quarter of 2021. However, this success hasn't been without...

Pokimane Tweet reply to NICKMERCS backfires

Pokimane made a Tweet reply to NICKMERCS and it really backfires. The NICKMERCS community quickly let here know how they feel about...

Sliker: I could never be friends with Pokimane

After hearing Pokimane talk mad drama behind Yvonne's back. According to the now-infamous Fedmyster Doc leaks, Sliker can no longer trust Poki...

The Fedmyster Leaked Documents

Fedmyster files were leaked online, and Pokimane is in full damage control. Fedmyster has also taken to Twitter to ask for privacy...

Pokimane was the most-watched female Twitch streamer for October

According to Stream Charts, Pokimane was the highest watched female Twitch streamer on the Amazon platform for October.

Why Journalism Sucks In America!

0 American Journalism has a problem and its entirely their own doing,...

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