Tuesday, April 13, 2021
twitch rules

Twitch will start dealing with Harassment on or off its own Platform

Harassment happens across platforms, and content moderation policies should address it. Great policy change from Twitch bans users for harassment no matter...

Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx banned for allegedly assaulting girlfriend on stream

A Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx has been accused of beating his girlfriend on stream Prison stream? Prison stream? pic.twitter.com/dnTnF6Are1— Zoruda...

Twitch is allowing streams that are “sexualizing” women for financial gain

Twitch is looking more and more like a Cam Girl Website than a Live gaming portal or even an IRL streaming platform...

Twitch will let Users Vote on New Pogchamp Emote

Twitch is getting with the times or just trying it's best to be P.C. We've made the decision...

Twitch co-founder answers whether he regrets selling Twitch

TikTok users are stunned over the co-founder’s answer to whether he regrets selling Twitch: ‘Did we sell...

YouTube now has its own version of Twitch clips

YouTube is allowing users to create and share clips from videos. A small number of creators will have access to the clipping tool during the...

Twitch Bans Trump, Removes Streaming Account

The Liberal-leaning streaming service is permanently banning and removing Trump and any mention of the ex-President from its platform. Twitch is owned...

Twitch Streamer Forsen Unbanned, Returns to Twitch Stream.

Twitch Streamer Forsen Unbanned, Announces Return to that Stream life. It's been weeks since @Forsen was banned indefinitely on Twitch. his...

Twitch rules on harassment and hateful conduct

Hateful Conduct and Harassment Twitch is a space for people to create, join, and participate in communities...

Twitch’s new stream “Boost” is great for those with money

Just like the new ability to buy affiliate status in Twitch, You can now buy more views with a boost. Giving those...

YouTubers from TheGrayzone expose UK media propaganda at the BBC

YouTubers from TheGrayzone have started to gain traction online with their investigative work into the UK media operation that exposes a vast...