Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Twitch Streaming Vs Facebook, With Stats

According to Stream elements Twitch still the king in streaming, but facebook has made significant progress in it;'s streaming in service as...

Snoop Doggy Dog rage-quit Madden

Snoop Doggy Dog is heading into that grumpy phase in 2021 Snoop Dogg's twitch streams are golden holy shit...

Google Stadia Creative Director thinks streamers should be paying publishers

Alex Hutchinson is a senior creative director at Google’s struggling cloud gaming service, Stadia.
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Twitch Streamers Are Writing Code Live

From @ Today, Twitch has amateur musicians, home cooks, stream-of-life vloggers, and even ad hoc groups of people trying to help each other learn foreign languages....

Bay Area415 EXPLAINS How The Chinese Government Works

0 YouTuber Bay Area415 explains how the Chinese Government Works. Youtuber Bay...

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