The Forced ownership transfer of TikTok

As American dominance is starting to decline in tech and as American Corporations start to lose the technological edge in the social media sphere, the U.S Government is moving in to help stave off any competition.

Feering Americans would use Tikitok more than Facebook and under the pretext of security, The U.S Government has moved to force Tiktok to sell its business to an American firm. That’s according to N.Y news sources. –

TikTok has been growing so fast that many U.S Corporations have wanted to buy Tiktok in the past, Facebook being one of them. After TikTok declined the Facebook offer Mark Zuckerberg went after the Chinese company.

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer blasts Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about Facebook’s success calling them “disguised as patriotism”

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