The Quartering

The Quartering

  • YouTube Name: The Quartering
  • Real Name: Jeremy Hambley
  • YouTube Genre: Internet Culture

The Quartering gives his opinion on gaming, and Internet Culture news.

Due to his many outspoken views on today’s hot topic cultural issues and political support of Donald Trump, many regard TheQuartering to be a right-wing content creator, though he frequently refers to himself as “practically a liberal.”

Jeremy has been one of the biggest outspoken critics of Youtube & twitch new pc policies, and his opposition to the new normal “cancel culture.” As such, Jeremy has defended other controversial YouTubers whose channels have been targets of cancel culture.

In 2018 TheQuartering crowdfunded over $34,000 to help cover a lawsuit related to a physical assault against him outside the GenCon gaming convention. The lawsuit was settled out of court, with the attacker was forced to issue a public apology. Jeremy pointed to the attacker’s statements on social media to indicate politically motivated violence was the reason. 

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