Top Chinese Youtuber 小穎美食: Xiaoying Cuisine

Xiaoying Cuisine has 721 UPLOADS 2.31M SUBSCRIBERS with 661,783,873 VIDEO VIEWS.

Xiaoying from “Xiaoying Cuisine” is a Youtuber who likes cooking and loves food. She likes to share a chinses dish every day. Not only home-cooked dishes but also various pastries, soups, pasta and so on. And Xiaoying has managed to provide you with subtitles in 17 languages (English, German, French, Malay, Filipino, Hindi, Urdu, etc.), so that everyone can watch and learn how to make Gourmet.

Don’t fry the eggplant, add 3 eggs, you can’t forget it once you eat it!

Xiaoying Cuisine

Xiaoying Cuisine has over 2.31M subscribers and most of the videos are all about cooking.

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