Twitch Bans Trump, Removes Streaming Account

The Liberal-leaning streaming service is permanently banning and removing Trump and any mention of the ex-President from its platform. Twitch is owned by, Inc., Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos has a long history of supporting Liberal views, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos made a $2.5 million contribution backing a 2012 referendum to legalize same-sex marriages. He also made a purchase of the Liberal-leaning Washington Post that constantly attacked Trump soon after.

Despite his liberal position for gay rights and his public spat with Trump, Jeff Bezos has managed to maintain a low profile in regards to political opinions and personal stance in most other areas. Most likely for fear it would hurt his Amazon brand.

It’s not clear if Jeff Bezos was personally involved in the decision to kick Trump off the platform.

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