Twitch streaming for beauty brands & Make-up artists?

Beauty influencer and Em Cosmetics founder Michelle Phan may have nearly 9 million followers on YouTube, but there’s another video platform that she watches constantly: Twitch. 

“I have Twitch on pretty much every day,” she said. “I like to watch it and leave it on in the background while I’m sleeping.” She may be most known for her makeup tutorials and product reviews, but she’s also an avid gamer — she plays daily. “League of Legends” is her favorite, and during quarantine, she’s also gotten into “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”  @ Twitch emerges as rising platform for beauty brands

Michelle Phan Female influencer

Michelle Phan is an American makeup artist, entrepreneur, and voice actress who became notable as a YouTuber. A pioneering Beauty YouTuber, Phan’s YouTube channel has over 8.9 million subscribers, 1.1 billion lifetime views, and 385 uploaded videos. She is the founder and owner of the cosmetics line EM Cosmetics. 

Twitch Michelle Phan League of Legends and Makeup

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