Twitch sued for having “Sexually Suggestive E-Girls”

Sexual suggestiveness is visual, verbal, written or behavioral material or action with sexual undertones implying sexual intent in order to provoke sexual arousal.

The court complaint, filed in the Superior Court of California, By plaintiff Estavillo,suffers from several medical problems that keep him completely glued to the Internet for all his entertainment, as well as OCD and sex addiction, which according to the documents, with Twitch only worsens.

According to court filings. “Twitch has extremely exacerbated his condition by displaying many sexually suggestive women streamers through Twitch’s twisted programming net code,” the complaint states, “making it nearly impossible for the plaintiff to use Twitch without being exposed to such sexual content.”

E-girls listed in the court documents were Amouranth, QuqcoST, PeachJade, The Jaguar, Pink_Sparkles, Valeria7K, Daniela Azuaje, _lilchipmunk, iaaras2, theRaychul, KrystiPryde, SonjaShio, Gavrilka, Mizzy Rose, KayPikeFashion, Alinity, QTCinderella, Pokémon.

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