Wode Maya

Wode Maya

Real NameBerthold Winkler
Country of OriginAfrica
YouTube categoryTravel / Africa YouTuber


He joined YouTube on January 10, 2013. Wode Maya is a popular African YouTube personality that currently showcases Africans prospering in their own country, The Youtuber Maya first began his vlogging while he lived in China, and many of his videos went viral gaining an international audience and attention.

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  • Black people Speak Chinese
  • Why I Stopped Dating Chinese Girls?
  • One Minute Fame In China

Life After China

Life after China for Wode Maya marked the starting point for the change in the direction of the Channel, After leaving China most of his video become negative about China and had negative undertones about Chinese people and their investments in the African continent.

Misinformation Controversy

Wode Maya was criticized for spreading false information about an incident during the coronavirus lockdowns in China. The incident involved African Nationals. In the Video, Wode Maya blamed Chinese racism for the mistreatment of the Africans living in Guangzhou, China. Wode Maya failed to mention many of those nationals would not comply with the strict coronavirus lockdown. and as such, the Hotel owners would not host them any longer. in fact, it became difficult for many of them to find any hotel or apartment that was willing to host them after it was reported they would repeatably break quarantine rules.

Current Channel YouTube

Currently, Wode Maya is traveling around Africa and showcasing the many people, Tribes, cultures, Tourist attractions that make up the vast continent of Africa. not all of his travels have been a success, He was recently deported from Uganda.


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