YouTuber found guilty of killing her newborn babies

Alyssa Dayvault, a 31-year-old make-up artist and youtuber has been found guilty of killing her two newborn babies by throwing them in a trash bin and leaving them to die.

  • Alyssa Dayvault, 31, hid the two pregnancies and gave birth to her son and daughter just 13 months apart in 2017 and 2018.

According to reports, She put the baby girl’s body in a bag. She did not seek medical help and threw the newborn child in the trash. But Alyssa became pregnant again. In December 2018, she gave birth to a son. According to the British Daily Mail, Alyssa was supposed to testify that she fainted for fifteen minutes after giving birth, and then, when she woke up, she found out that the baby boy was dead. She allegedly panicked and threw the boy’s body away like her past newborn daughter’s.

A few days later, she went to the hospital for an injury she had at work. During the examination, the doctors found out that he had a placenta in her womb and contacted the police, who started the investigation.

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