Youtube Streamer makes $4,500 on a good day

Topekan Pancho Witt, known on YouTube simply as “Pancho,” uploaded the first video to his YouTube channel about a year ago. As of early February 2021, that video had garnered close to 3,000 views.

But the videos he is producing now are a different story, as some of his most popular uploads in recent days have gotten anywhere from 300,000 views to more than 2 million. read more @ how-to-make-money-streaming

According to Pancho, he was a small streamer until he got a plug from a friend.

“I was stuck in the few hundred subscribers for a while — I’d say probably a good six months or so,” Witt said. “Then, I had a friend shout me out who has 1.3 million subscribers. … It gained me around 5,000 subscribers that night.”

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