YouTube suspends Rudy Giuliani’s ad revenue sharing program

YouTube suspends Rudy Giuliani, although Giuliani has since January 10 been posting some of his videos to Rumble, a YouTube-like platform for white conservatives. Giuliani’s personal website has a dedicated section for “censored videos.” those videos even though in his words are censored, still have also appeared on his Facebook account.

Giuliani’s YouTube account has more than 580,000 subscribers. His YouTube videos have been watched hundreds of thousands of times, some clips uploaded in the past two months have attracted more than 1 million views.

Rightwing operatives turn into a circular firing squad

Bannon, who was pardoned by Former President Trump during his final days in office, invited Giuliani to his “War Room” podcast on to talk about the Capitol riots aka insurrection and the upcoming Trump impeachment process.

Trump’s old operative Steve Bannon on his podcast show called out Rudy Giuliani after he said the Lincoln Project helped organize the Capitol riot.

Lincoln Project to Sue Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Over Capitol Riot Claims

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