YouTuber David Dobrik stealing TikTok’s artist’s ideas?

Technically, there is nothing illegal about Dobrik and his team using the name Karim came up with “DISPO” without crediting or compensation him, but it still isn’t sitting right with people. All over social media, fans are demanding answers — especially since Dobrik is known in the influencer community for being an all-around good guy. –


Reply to @daviddobrik YES, IT’S HAPPENING… together, let’s build the platform WE want #fyp #dreamjob #daviddobrik

♬ OUT OF TIME – Luke Elgie

As he noted in his five-part video application, Karim had a lot of good ideas for the app. He created a hypothetical “simplistic” layout for it modeled after VSCO, and even outlined how users would be able to interact with and use his version of the app. He also came up with a catchy name for the app: Dispo.

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